The Williamson County Sheriff's Posse was formed in 1943 to help out the Williamson County Sheriff's Department.  Originally named the Williamson County Fair and Rodeo Association, however, in 1943 under the direction of the County Sheriff Robert Davis the name was changed to the Williamson County Sheriff's Posse.  Sheriff Davis could deputize the members and call upon them to help out law enforcement in the time of need.

The Williamson County Fair and Rodeo Association held it's first rodeo in San Gabriel park in 1938, at the same location where the current arena sits today. When the Sheriff's Posse was chartered in 1943, the rodeos continued at the same location. A new updated arena, with expanded seating was built in 1946. Early in 1950, after this arena collapsed during a flood, the members raised $40,000 and borrowed another $20,000 from Mr. Buck Steiner to build a new arena. This is the arena which we use today. The arena as it is today is almost exactly the way it was built with minor changes and updates. 

2018 will mark the 75th annual rodeo put on by the Williamson County Sheriff's Posse. Because of the prior work of the Rodeo Association, it will be the 81st consecutive rodeo held at the same location in San Gabriel park. The Sheriff's Posse rodeo is the second longest running rodeo, held in the same location, in the state of Texas.

As the years moved on and the WCSP was not needed as much to support the Williamson County Sheriff's Department the direction of the Posse changed.  The Sheriff's Posse facilitated things such as Western Week which included BBQ Cook-offs, Cowboy breakfast and the parade all leading up to the grand finale of the rodeo.  

In January 2019 WCSP will relocate the arena and operations to Jarrell, Texas.

There is great history in the WCSP.  During  WWII, the WCSP members helped out the Williamson County Sheriff's office as many of the men were off at war.  The WCSP has helped out more recent in the Jarrell tornados, search and rescue efforts for missing Rachel Cooke and the Bastrop, TX animal relief during the fires.  

As of today, the WCSP is still involved in the community of Williamson County and the surrounding areas.  Each year they host the Jarrell WCSP Rodeo in June, have open riding events at the arena, rent the arena out for events such as playdays and barrel races, raise money yearly to support local charities, has an active Drill Team and is always looking for ways to keep the Western Heritage alive in Williamson County and surrounding areas. 

Come be a part of history and join the WCSP!