Classified Ads

ADVERTISING TERMS: In the event of errors made in advertisement, notice must be given by 10am the first day of publication. In consideration of the Williamson County Sheriff’s Posse ("WCSP") acceptance of advertising copy for publication, the advertiser will indemnify and save harmless, WCSP and its officers, employees and agents against all loss, liability, damage and expense of whatsoever nature arising out of the copying, printing or publishing of its advertisement including without limitation reasonable attorney’s fees resulting from claims of suits for libel, violation of right of privacy, plagiarism and copyright and trademark infringement. All ad copy must be approved by the WCSP Board of Directors which reserves the right to request changes, reject or properly classify an ad. The advertiser, and not the WCSP, is responsible for the truthful content of the ad.

  • All classified ad requests must be submitted to
  • Content will be posted as received (copy and paste) directly from email so be sure to spell check and make sure content is correct.
  • Ads may contain not more than one photo and must be received as an attachment to the submitted email.
  • Ads must include complete contact information. WCSP will not be responsible for forwarding inquiry information.
  • Ads will be placed within 48 hours of receipt by email, unless otherwise notified.
  • Ads will remain posted a minimum of thirty (30) days, or a written removal request is submitted to